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Precision CNC Lathes & Turning Services

At Byford Machine-Tool, we use some of the most cutting-edge CNC lathes in the manufacturing industry to machine your custom components with micrometer precision.

Our team of expert engineers and craftsmen have mastered the art of close-tolerance lathing with decades of combined experience. Between our industry-leading CNC design expertise and precision lathe machining capabilities, Byford Machine-Tool can tackle even the most complex custom manufacturing jobs with unbeatable turnaround times and results.

CNC Lathes & CNC Turning 101

A CNC lathe is essentially an industrial spit roast for your components; However, unlike a spit roast, our lathes can spin up to thousands of revolutions per minute while working your metal componentry at ± 0.005″ tolerances.

The process of machining metal on a lathe is known as turning. With CNC turning, a payload of workpiece metal is loaded in between two chucks. The lathe then spins the metal so it can be machined from the exterior by grinding the rotating workpiece metal with cutting tools and grinders.

Our advanced CNC turning systems are some of the best in the manufacturing industry, capable of machining your components into complex, custom-engineered designs and componentry while holding cutting lines with micrometer precision.

Outfitted with a Range of Industry Leading CNC Lathes & Turning Equipment

Our precision machine shop is outfitted with some of the most advanced CNC lathes and lathe machining equipment in the manufacturing industry, including:

  • (1) Okuma L470-1250 Slant Bed Lathe – 30 H.P. – 15″ Chuck
  • (4) Okuma L470-650 Slant Bed Lathe – 30 H.P. – 15″ Chuck
  • (3) Okuma LB3000EX-C1000 Slant Bed Lathe – 30 H.P. – 10″ Chuck
  • (1) Okuma LB2000EX-300 Slant Bed Lathe – 15 H.P. – 6″ Chuck
  • (4) Okuma LB3000EX-C500 Slant Bed Lathe – 30 H.P. – 10″ Chuck
  • (4) Okuma LB4000EX-750 Slant Bed Lathe – 40 H.P. – 15″ Chuck
  • (1) Okuma LB4000EXMY-750 Slant Bed Lathe – 40 H.P. – 15″ Chuck
  • (2) Doosan Puma GT2600 Lathe – 30 H.P. – 10″ Chuck
  • (1) Okuma LB4000EX-1500 Slant Bed Lathe 4″ Bore – 40 H.P. – 15″ Chuck

CNC Slant Bed Lathe