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Quality American Manufacturing & Fabrication Services

At Byford Machine-Tool, we pride ourselves on delivering quality American manufacturing without compromise. All of our custom machining and fabrication services are tracked, backed and guaranteed by our comprehensive quality control process to ensure both precision and consistency.

We offer a complete range of in-house machining and fabrication capabilities combined with over 60 years of innovative expertise. This has made Byford Machine-Tool the one-stop metal shop for quality-focused parts providers throughout the United States since 1956.

Precision CNC Machining & Custom Fabrication Solutions

From CNC machining close-tolerance designs with custom specs to our specialized welding and metal finishing capabilities, our craftsmen deliver unbeatable quality at every step of the manufacturing process.

Check out our Facilities page for a look at all of the high-tech CNC machine centers and custom fabrication tools that Byford Machine-Tool brings to the table.

Over 65 Years of Quality Manufacturing
Is in Our DNA

Everyone within our organization impacts the finished quality of our products. The precision reputation of our machining and fabrication services rests on the backs of all our craftsmen.

This responsibility is carried throughout our facility, ensuring consistency at every level of the manufacturing process. It starts with our forward-focused attitude with our customers, suppliers and colleagues, and is ensured all the way through product delivery.

Our machine shop instills an environment wherein all our employees take pride and ownership in the quality of the parts they manufacture. This dedication to quality keeps us consistently ranked in our customers’ “Top Vendor Ratings”.

Precision Quality Control & Testing Equals Premium Custom Metal Products

We employ a meticulous quality control process throughout our precision machine shop, constantly maintaining rigorous product and equipment testing standards. This ensures that every job we complete meets or exceeds the specifications and expectations of our customers. From design to delivery, from prototype to production, we deliver superior manufacturing and fabrication solutions backed by industry-leading quality and consistency.

Mission Statement

The Mission of Byford Machine-Tool, Inc. is to profitably manufacture quality products that are in demand, thereby linking together customers, employees, owners and vendors in a mutually satisfying arrangement. BMT will promote a safe, challenging work opportunity for employees where they may progress and prosper as their demonstrated ability allows. Management shall strive to promote an environment of mutual trust, honesty and integrity so that all employees shall be an integral part of the company.

The reputation of Byford Machine is based on our exemplary customer service and the unparalleled quality that our CNC machine shop delivers.