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Precision Shot Peening Services

Utilizing Byford’s advanced shot peen machine, we deliver quality shot peening services for all of your custom machined components, we finish metal parts to prevent fatigue and stress corrosion failures, prolonging the product life for the part.

10″ Diameter x 24″ Envelope

What Is Shot Peening?

Shot peening is a specialized metal finishing process used to increase the durability of a component. Essentially, the component is blasted with particulate media so intensely that the metallic surface of the component is densely compressed.

Picture what happens when you bang a nail or other piece of metal hardware extremely hard with a hammer. If you looked closely, you could see indentations in the surface of the metal where it had been smashed and compacted by the hammer. Shot peening accomplishes that same effect uniformly across the entire surface of your components.

What Are the Benefits of Shot Peening?

The main benefit of shot peening is that it helps prevent cracks and fractures in highly tensile stressed alloy components. The shot peened layer of metal throughout the surface of your components will be denser and more compact. That means the surface will be less likely to crack, threads will be less likely to strip and the life of your products will be extended.

Should You Have Your Components Shot Peened?

While shot peening can substantially improve the quality and durability of your products, it’s not always necessary. The increased manufacturing costs required for shot peening and other advanced metal finishing services outweigh the benefits for many products.

As with all of the specialized CNC machining and fabrication services we offer, you’ll have to decide what’s best for your unique use case and market. Of course, if you need additional help weighing the pros and cons of shot peening for your application, our product experts are standing by to offer expert consultation.

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